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    all songs and sounds written/recorded/performed by mat vuksinich except violin on "The Light" performed by katherine vuksinich

    some small songs written and recorded in various bedrooms and basements (and basement bedrooms) between 2008 and 2010. it was a terrifically terrifying and wonderful couple of years that i can't believe went by so quickly, or even that they went at all, and that i am here after them. thank yous to some beautiful new people (and to some beautiful familiar persons), sighs to some new scars and recent regrets. good things mostly. a second Sannyasa EP, songs (of Death), should be here to accompany these recordings in the not so distant future.

    lots of love,
    -mat (August 12th, 2010)

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    all sounds by mat vuksinich
    except mandola on "don't let me down" by greg vuksinich
    photos by tony west

    from september 29th to october 7th, 2008, via the use of many unemployed hours, and the combination of an unclaimed magnus chord organ and an unclaimed bedroom, both in the house whose couch i sleep upon, i recorded a new cover song every day. they are here presented in chronological order to represent those 9 ridiculous days.

    i'm going to continue to do covers, and have already started working on volume two, but i also need to record/finish writing the next record of original sarcastic dharma society stuff, and i want to do some recording/production for some other people, and i want to get a live band together, so we'll see about all that.

    much love,
    -mat (January 4th, 2009)

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    recorded early 2007 in Arcata, California except for 'chopsticks and forks' which was recorded 2006 in Seattle, Washington. sold on tour 2007.

    all songs written/recorded/performed by mat vuksinich. Oliver Orion played cuatro and sang on 'chopsticks and forks', along with Ian Obermuller, Ola Hungerford, and Johnny Goss.

    artwork by katherine vuksinich